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Hosting Terbaik untuk Bisnis Online Profesional

Kompetisi SEO Bersama Beon Intermedia


Hosting Terbaik untuk Bisnis Online Profesional - Hosting is a life of a website that we have. And now many online businesses are already utilizing the technology and hosting websites in promoting the products they sell. No hosting, no website and of course an online business will not run properly. For that a hosting is very important for a professional business. as one of the companies that provide web hosting services are now holding a competition or race around SEO and website hosting.

For you who love the world of writing and blogging, there is a chance for you to win exciting prizes from Beon Intermedia. So, what are you waiting? Immediately follow the SEO competition titled “Hosting Terbaik untuk Bisnis Online Profesional" with Intermedia Beon this:

The contestants are those who love the world of literature and free (age, status, occupation, etc.).
Participants no registration fee, or FREE.
Participants may include more than one domain or blog. With the requirement name, email address and the same participants (no different) and if win only entitled to one prize only.
Participants must first complete the registration form.
Participants must include the URL of SEO articles that are made, not the domain address or the name of the blog.
For participants must abide by the rules and procedures of this SEO contest.
The jury’s decision can not be contested.

Beon SEO Hosting Terbaik untuk Bisnis Online Profesional Contest starts on August 18, 2014 until October 18, 2014 
Registration closed at on October 11, 2014.
Announcement of winners will be informed to the participants and published in the media on October 20, 2014.
The prize for the winner will be held on October 25, 2014.
Participants are required to clicking like Facebook fanspage below before submitting the article. Beon Intermedia.

Participants are required to use the title “Hosting Terbaik untuk Bisnis Online Profesional”.
Participants are allowed to use the website with the domain name or a personal blog.
Participants are prohibited from using the domain or subdomain as a phrase or keyword is contested.
Participants are encouraged to enter into the following keyword tags or CMS or article made​​: Indonesian Hosting, Best Hosting, cheap hosting price, quality hosting, business hosting, Unlimited Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS, etc.. Participants are also allowed to add other keywords that still fit with the theme.
Participants must include the following sentence in the article, and shall provide in accordance with the specified link. Sentences that use at least 3 sentences.
Best Hosting:
Unlimited Hosting:
Hosting business:
Cheap Hosting:
SEO Contest Beon:
Participants must include the logo Jagoanhosting and Beon Intermedia under the title, and was given the phrase “SEO Contest is sponsored by Stud Hosting Indonesia and” ​​link to page and
Writing a sentence in the article is the original work or the results of his own creativity. Sentence contains no SARA.
Participants are required to publish articles that have been created in the private social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. Results from like and share should be informed to the committee to:
Subject: Publication of articles SEO Hosting
Fill in the email: name, article links, Printscreen publish articles, number of emails maximum of 1 MB.
And no later than the date posted on October 11, 2014 
The jury reserves the right to disqualify any participant who does not comply with the provisions.

SEO Contest Beon Hosting Terbaik untuk Bisnis Online Profesional shall make an Indonesian article using good and true, not the SARA and free (relaxed).
Participants are allowed to provide data or facts that support the article.
Participants are required to make an article of at least 2,500 characters without spaces.
Participants must include one of the banners that have been made by the committee made ​​to the article.

Participants must insert (embed) a video about the hosting of Jagoanhosting or Beon on article pages that are contested.


Registered as a SEO Contest BeonHosting Terbaik untuk Bisnis Online Profesional.
Determination of winners based on a scoring ranking in search engines
Based on the number of like and share on social media.
Contested post URL is indexed for at least 20 days in
As well as quality content / articles, and has been qualified race
Keywords used is the Best Hosting for Online Business Professionals
The jury is entitled to the article is contested and the judges decision is final.
Winners will be contacted via email or phone


For participants who discovered the existence of fraud or copy and paste the article can directly contact By stating the original link of the article and a link artificial.

Contact person: / 085233330846

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